Laser Institute of America
System zarządzania ISO 9001:2015

SolarJet FL HD


  • Versatile: The SolarJet can be equipped with either pulsed fiber laser (SolarJet FL HD) emitting at 1.06 μm or CO2 lasers (SolarJet HDM) with three different wavelengths: 10.6 μm, 10.2 μm and 9.3 μm.
  • Easy to operate: The innovative Solaris Laser interface makes the system operation simple and friendly. Users can work on a 15-inch touch screen or operate remotely from anywhere.
  • Flexible: The SolarJet has a modular design and consists of three parts: a scanning head, a marking unit, and a control unit. The control unit and marking unit are connected with an umbilical with connectors from both ends. Beam bending modules to fit into various production lines operate remotely from anywhere.
  • Industry 4.0 compatible: The SolarJet provides remote access to diagnostic features, such as system humidity and operating temperature. New Mark Good feature applies signal after correctly performed marking.
  • Efficient: For 2 or more marking unit configurations the SolarJet can be delivered with one master unit and a few slave units. Master has remote access to the slave units.
  • SolarJet FL HD
  • SolarJet FL HD
  • SolarJet FL HD
  • SolarJet FL HD
  • SolarJet FL HD

Specyfikacja techniczna

Laser type: 1,06 μm Fiber laser
Marking field: From 60 x 60 mm to 300 x 300 mm
Software: Sol pad Job editing software for OS Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
User interface: Multilanguage 15-inch touch screen with user-friendly, intuitive interface for Preview, Edit & New jobs creation and System setup
Electrical requirements: 115V / 230VAC, 50/60HZ, 1PH
Communications: RS232 / USB / Ethernet
I/O signals for installation: Shaft encoder, NPN/PNP Product detector inputs. Remote Interlock, Key switch, Safety shutter control. Fume extractor, Compressed air control. System ready, Marking, Fault outputs. 15 configurable user Inputs & Outputs
Cooling: Integrated water cooling
Ambient temperature: 10-45 oC / 50-113 oF, Suggested 15-30 oC / 69-86 oF
Humidity: Up to 99%, non-condensing. IP66
Safety: Class 4, according to EN 60825-1