Laser Institute of America
System zarządzania ISO 9001:2015

Workstation PRO2


  • Industrial stand-alone Workstation
  • Equipped with Camera for easy product positioning
  • Equipped with newset editing/marking software SolPad
  • Working with e-SolarMark+ FL systems only


  • stand-alone station
  • working area 500x700mm, T-slot base plate
  • automatically driven access enclosure
  • automatic Z axis adjustment (up to 400mm for 100x100mm marking field and up to 240mm for 150x150mm marking field and 35mm for 300x300mm marking field) controlled by software
  • marking field 100x100mm / 150x150mm / 300x300mm
  • standard laser pointer, indicate the area to be marked
  • standard focus-finding installation, permits placing the focal plane on the surface to be marked
  • equipped with e-SolarMark+ FL - fiber laser systems 20W or 30W or 50W.
  • PC for system operation is integrated in workstation.
  • Weight of the Workstation (with laser) - 450 kg


  • Fume extractor
  • Rotary attachement (for marking cylindrical objects radius)