Laser Institute of America
System zarządzania ISO 9001:2015

Workstation BASIC3


Class 1 desktop workstation which can be equipped with following marking systems:

  • eMark DLA
  • e-SolarMark FLS
  • e-SolarMark FL2/FL3/FL5


  • working area 420x250mm, T-slot base plate
  • manually operated access enclosure with viewfinder
  • workspace lighting ·manually adjustable Z axis of the work table (up to 200mm depending on marking system configuration) with measurement of the position
  • maximum weight of the marked element: 5 kg
  • Following marking fields are available: LF3 (70x70mm), LF4(100x100mm), LF6(150x150mm)
  • system operation from Touch Screen controller or external PC computer
  • optional focus-finding installation, permits placing the focal plane on the surface to be marked
  • Weight (without the laser) - 55 kg


  • Fume extractor
  • Rotary attachement (for marking cylindrical objects radius)